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6 South Road9, Park Drive2, Newcastle CircusCastlethorpeBurton House7 Clumber Crescent South5 Clumber Crescent South3 South Road4 South Road3 Clumber Crescent SouthClumber HouseElmhurstOverdaleCavendish House2,3 Duke William Mount1 Duke William MountMevell HouseGladstone HouseWestwood HouseHolly LodgeAdam HouseEdale HousePenrhyn House7 North Road33 Cavendish Road East31 Cavendish Road East29 Cavendish Road East27 Cavendish Road East23 Cavendish Road East22,24 Cavendish Crescent North20 Cavendish Crescent North18 Cavendish Crescent North16 Cavendish Crescent North14 12 Cavendish Crescent North10 Cavendish Crescent NorthEllington House, Tattershall DriveCarnoustie Lodge, Tattershall Drive39 Newcastle Drive37 Newcastle Drive35 Newcastle Drive33 Newcastle Drive31 Newcastle Drive29 Newcastle Drive27 Newcastle Drive25 Newcastle Drive23 Newcastle Drive21 Newcastle Drive1,2 Albury Square8 North Road1 Pelham Crescent3 Pelham Crescent5 Pelham Crescent7 Pelham Crescent9 Pelham Crescent11 Pelham Crescent13 Pelham Crescent5 South Road19 Newcastle Drive17 Newcastle Drive15 Newcastle Drive13 Newcastle Drive11 Newcastle Drive9 Newcastle Drive7 Newcastle Drive5 Newcastle Drive1, 3 Newcastle Drive26 The Ropewalk28 The Ropewalk30 The Ropewalk32, 34 The RopewalkSpringdaleRibble LodgeGrove HouseThe SpinneyPark Tennis Clubhouse2 The RopewalkPark Heights, 4 The RopewalkPark Heights, 6 The Ropewalk8 The Ropewalk10, 12 The Ropewalk14, 16 The Ropewalk18,20 The Ropewalk22 The Ropewalk25 Park Valley21,23 Park Valley17,19 Park Valley15 Park Valley11 Park Valley9 Park Valley7 Park Valley5 Park Valley3 Park Valley1 Park Valley14 Park Terrace11,12 Park Terrace9,10 Park Terrace7,8 Park Terrace5,6 Park Terrace3,4 Park Terrace1,2 Park Terrace8,10 PArk Valley6 Park Valley4 Park Valley7a Lenton Road7 Lenton Road5 Lenton Road3 Lenton Road1 Lenton Road5 Castle Grove4 Castle Grove36, 36a The Ropewalk1 Cavendish Crescent NorthStowe House, Maxtoke Road3 Cavendish Crescent North5 Cavendish Crescent North7 Cavendish Crescent North9 Cavendish Crescent NorthHolly LodgeLinden HouseNewcastle Court15 Pelham Crescent17 Pelham CrescentHadden House19 Pelham Crescent33 Lenton Avenue31 Lenton Avenue29 Lenton Avenue27 Lenton Avenue25 Lenton Avenue23 Lenton Avenue21 Lenton Avenue19 Lenton Avenue17 Lenton Avenue45, 47 Lenton Road13, 15 Lenton Avenue11 Lenton Avenue9 Lenton Avenue7 Lenton Avenue5 Lenton Avenue3 Lenton Avenue1 Lenton Avenue43 Lenton Road10 Hardwick Road25 Cavendish Crescent South23 Cavendish Crescent South21 Cavendish Crescent South19 Cavendish Crescent South17 Cavendish Crescent South15 Cavendish Crescent South1 South Road4,5 Clare Valley3 Clare Valley1,2 Clare Valley10 Huntingdon Drive9 Huntingdon Drive8 Huntingdon Drive1 cavendish crescent south3 cavendish crescent south5,7 cavendish crescent south3,5 Tattershall Drive8 Lenton Road3 Park Drive1 Park Drive4,6 Lenton Road7 Huntingdon Drive6 Huntingdon Drive5 Huntingdon Drive3,4 Huntingdon Drive2 Huntingdon Drive1 Huntingdon Drive4,6 Park Drive2 Park Drive2 Kenilworth RoadPeveril House9 Lenton Road11 Lenton Road13, 13a Lenton Road15 Lenton Road17 Lenton Road19 Lenton Road21 Lenton Road23 Lenton Road25 Lenton Road27 Lenton Road29 Lenton Road31 Lenton Road32, 33 Lenton Road37 Lenton Road2 Park Ravine5 Kenilworth Drive1,3 Kenilworth Road12 Peveril Drive10, Peveril Drive8 Peveril Drive38 The Ropewalk40 The Ropewalk44, The Ropewalk48 The Ropewalk52 The Ropewalk54 The Ropewalk56 The Ropewalk117 Derby Road119, 121 Derby Road123, 125 Derby RoadClinton TerraceWaltonDerby Terrace1 Western Terrace2 Western Terrace3,4 Western Terrace5,6 Western Terrace7 Western Terrace8,9 Western Terrace11 Western Terrace4 Barrack Lane10 Pelham Crescent16 Pelham Crescent6 Barrack Lane10, 12 Barrack Lane8 Barrack Lane12 Pelham Crescent14, 16 Barrack Lane18, 20 Barrack Lane22, 24 Barrack Lane26 Barrack Lane18 Barrack Lane6,7 Peveril Drive1,2,3 Peveril Drive2,4,6,8 Hope Drive10 Hope Drive1,1a Hamilton Drive1b,1c Hamilton Drive6,7 Hamilton Drive8,9 Hamilton Drive10,11 Hamilton Drive4,5 Hamilton Drive24, 26 Hope Drive4,6 Hope Drive9 cavendish crescent south11 cavendish crescent south2,3 Hamilton Drive12,14,16,18 Hope Drive20,22 Hope Drive2,4 Tattershall DriveAshley House, Park Drive1 Tattershall Drive2 Lenton Road1,3 Holles Crescent5 Holles Crescent2, South Road6 North Road19 Cavendish Crescent North17 Cavendish Crescent North15 Cavendish Crescent North11 Cavendish Crescent North25 Cavendish Road East28, 30 Barrack Lane11 Peveril Drive24 Hamilton DriveParkdale, Peveril DriveFerndene159 Derby Road161 Derby Road
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