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Establishing a photographic archive would provide a repository for contemporary and historic images depicting the changing character of The Park’s buildings, places and people. Residents, ex residents and non-residents would be encouraged to contribute to provide as wide a range of background information as possible.

During the second half of the 20c a small number of original pre 1918 estate houses were demolished to create sites for higher density residential development. This study would bring these lost houses ‘back to life’ with photographs and information about the occupants and their circumstances etc.

From John Player to Paul Smith, The Park has been home to a number of famous residents. A study would reveal where and when they lived in The Park and provide background information on their lives and achievements.

A key decorative feature of 19c and early 20c houses was the use of stained glass panels in doors and windows. The Park is no exception with an interesting range of panels of varying styles, techniques and subject matter. Some years ago a preliminary study was initiated by The Park Conservation Trust with photographs by Martine Hamilton Knight. This project would develop that study and present findings for general appreciation.

Prominent post 1918 houses plus sports and recreational buildings, caves, boundary markers, memorial plaques etc. all contribute to the character of The Park today. A review of these other buildings and artefacts would complement the major study of the pre 1918 houses.

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