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The Park Houses Study

Introduction                                         p1

Historical Background 1067- 1793          p2

Historical Background 1793- 1855          p3

Historical Background 1855- 1871          p4

Historical Background 1871- 1918          p5

Historical Background 1918- 2008          p7

Development and Style                         p9


In 2007 a new conservation policy document for The Park Estate in Nottingham was adopted by the City Council. Included in the document is a proposal for The Park Estate Company to take a more proactive and educational role by addressing conservation issues through the preparation and distribution of appropriate information. A number of possible opportunities were identified including a review of all of the 350 surviving estate houses constructed between 1820-1918, with the principal aim of building awareness by revealing their architectural qualities.

With the financial support of The Nottingham Park Conservation Trust this study has now been completed involving the preparation of a simple one page data sheet for each house. Each sheet includes current photographs, a brief summary of the building’s architectural interest, the historical background, the architect and builder (if known), particular design styling and features plus a brief record of any significant alterations and additions.

The compilation of these data sheets is seen as the first step in creating an evolving information resource on the architectural and social history of each house which can be managed to ensure that amendments are made where appropriate and further details added when available.

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