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Historical background 1918 - 2008
A small number of original estate houses were demolished to create sites for higher density residential development and a number of buildings at the edges of The Park were adapted for commercial use. The Park was designated a conservation area in 1969 in recognition of its national architectural and planning significance and 93 of buildings and other features have so far been ‘listed’.

In 1986 Oxford University agreed to surrender its remaining rights in the area to the newly formed Nottingham Park Estate Limited, a company run by the residents. In recent years, despite a growing awareness of conservation issues, development pressures have again increased, threatening the character of the original Estate by over intensive development with increasing numbers of cars, some new buildings in original garden areas and alterations to original boundary walls etc.

However, despite all the pressures over the past 150 years the key elements which have created The Park’s special interest have survived. Hine’s 1855-56 layout plan remains almost intact and all but about a dozen of the 363 original houses built before 1918 in varying architectural styles still exist many without significant alterations. 

House on Park Drive. Architect S. Dutton Walker


c 1995

The original buildings continue to relate harmoniously with a pervading landscape of boundary walls, mature gardens, tree lined roads, crescents, circuses and open recreational areas, enhanced by a unique topographical setting.
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