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This website has been conceived as an evolving information resource that has been launched by commissioning the gathering of information on 350 of the Park’s pre 1918 houses. These pages of text, plans and photographs form the basis of the website, but with the potential for residents to add further information themselves in the future.

How to access the information
There are a number of ways of finding the information you’re looking for:

Search facilities: you can search for a property by its full address, but also by its street, architect, build date, and other entries to return a short list of properties to choose from.

Map: The main map of the park shows all the properties covered and if you know where the property is, you can click on it to load the information sheet.

Street Order: The properties have been referenced in street number order, and in alphabetical street order, so that clicking on ‘next’ or ‘previous’ will take you up or down the street you are currently on.

How to read the information sheets
Each sheet is set out to a template and carries the same basic information. If any further pages of information have been added, they will appear at the bottom of the screen as a series of page icons to click on.

How to add your own information
If you want to add information about your own property, you can do this by registering as the owner, and then following the instructions on the ‘add data’ page. You can add photos or text about anything you think is of historical interest, title deeds, previous owners, etc. This additional information will only be accessible by other registered users.

If you have information on other properties, or the Park Estate in general, this can be sent in to the Administrator, who will check its validity and place it accordingly.
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